The D'Pergo Story


We design and build original handmade instruments, each a refined reflection of a timeless classic. Our guitars consistently deliver effortless playability while achieving extraordinary, three-dimensional, vintage tone, the likes of which have eluded builders of new instruments for decades.


The combination of rare materials and innovative methods and designs, along with extensive research and development of our own tone centered components, yields unparalleled acoustic resonance and enveloping organic tone.


Our tonal recipes are the result of our tireless pursuit of perfection and the willingness to exceed the boundaries of boutique industry expectations. It is this unwillingness to compromise, that not only separates our instruments from others, but is the driving force that makes each and every D’Pergo consistently remarkable.


Our passion and commitment to excellence distinguishes our instruments.




We use tone woods unlike any being used in instrument building today. D’Pergo guitars are made from tonally superior, certified old growth tone woods that possess remarkable acoustic resonance, enhanced stability, and increased velocity of sound. Our primary old growth timbers are unavailable on the global wood market. The expert treatment of our materials is as important as the materials themselves.



We adhere to our own proven, yet unconventional methods in the recovery and preparation of our timbers. We use a proprietary combination of drying techniques to season our tone woods that preserves the stability and integrity of the wood fiber, preserving what only nature and the perfect climate could have created. Further, while harvesting our materials, we take every measure to protect delicate ecosystems and safeguard the environment.

Our ability to treat exceptionally rare materials with innovative preparation techniques translates into a perceptible advantage for the discerning musician.



Our signature primary growth maple necks are a D'Pergo exclusive. Necks are built with an intentionally relaxed truss rod which increases string energy transfer. Signature Limited models are built without a truss rod and are a testament to the stability of our materials and their treatment.

Innovations in our neck construction reflect precision craftsmanship. Even when exposed to drastic changes in temperature and humidity, our necks do not shift or fluctuate.


Each and every component on a D’Pergo guitar has been deliberately developed and selected for tonal contributions, utility, and stability. We custom design and fabricate nearly every component on our guitars.



From bridge assemblies to pickups, from string trees to springs, each piece is hand-made from alloys that are specifically chosen for their particular characteristics and tonal contribution. Our parts are precision-milled to tolerances that improve performance and stability while maintaining an authentic vintage tone, feel, and vibe.


Our instruments have a wide range of vibrant acoustic qualities, and are known for their transparency, resonance and organic tone and balance. Our tone is defined by a piano-like clarity on the low end and a rich smooth mid-range, and a sparkling clarity without sounding brittle or harsh on the top end.


Our obsession with tonal perfection extends beyond component design and into the science of materials composition. We work with alloys and raw metals and developed proprietary treatments and techniques to achieve the optimal balance of sustain and note definition while reducing string friction.

To the experienced musician, our research, design, and implementation of custom components will be immediately apparent in the benefits of tuning stability, tonal depth and clarity, and playability.


After experiencing a D’Pergo first hand, it is immediately apparent that it is unlike any other electric guitar. The staggering amount of handwork distinguishes a D’Pergo and transforms it into an instrument beyond compare.

We transform raw materials, including steel and wood, by hand into meticulously crafted functioning art. What is clear is that our instruments are bespoke creations.

Neck profiles and body contours are shaped by hand to create comfortable and ergonomically friendly instruments. Our unique vintage offset neck profiles enable the player to navigate a larger neck than otherwise possible.

Finish work includes a labor-intensive proprietary grain-filling technique that enhances vibration while at the same time creates a base for a “glass-like” authentic nitrocellulose finish. This extensive handwork gives each guitar its own personality and character.

Our guitars feature subtle nuances that make them feel like they have been well-played.. The soft edges and contoured surfaces lend a sophisticated and refined aesthetic to each guitar. The finishes and colors are hand-mixed and custom blended to reflect authentic vintage colors, but are exquisitely innovative in their interpretation. Neck plates, frets, and tremolos have been designed and treated to appear more like jewelry than hardware, more like artwork than mechanisms.


Often, one of the most overlooked tools in building exceptional sounding instruments is the builder’s ear. Achieving great tone begins with a critical, ultra-discerning ear.

Musicians who are recognized for their ability to identify and create ideal tone rely upon D’Pergo founder, Stefan Dapergolas, to equip them with instruments that have the tone for which they are known.

With decades of playing and building experience, Stefan’s unwillingness to compromise or settle is what drives the constant pursuit of excellence.


D’Pergo Guitars is located in Windham, New Hampshire, USA. We are dedicated to designing and building extraordinary electric guitars and tone components.

Our shop consists of an elite team of talented craftsmen, each with extensive experience and outstanding skills. We build entirely handcrafted instruments from rare timbers, synergistically designed using our own tone components and parts that include pickups, tremolos and hardware.

Every D’Pergo carries with it the tradition of time-honored American craftsmanship and a commitment to create unsurpassed tone.

A Unique Approach


Our mission has always been to create the finest electric guitars. We build handmade guitars that are crafted more like fine violins, using materials that are not only beautiful, but exhibit unique characteristics that distinguish them as truly musical timbers. We use a “spare no expense” approach to create instruments that will consistently deliver organic resonance along with warm clear note definition and balanced three-dimensional tone.


Achieving consistency at this level requires an approach to instrument making that has never been considered before; an approach that combines science and research along with knowledge, resources, and patience. As a result what was created was a brand that is synonymous with uncompromising tone.

What truly defines each of our guitars is that our precise recipe results in instruments that behave in a deliberate and predictable fashion, ensuring that next guitar we make is as consistent as the last. We believe every part of the instrument is critical and no part or aspect of the recipe is unimportant.


It is this belief that led us to create our own components and parts. This gave us the ability to control not only the design elements, but also the raw materials and the treatment of these materials as well. There is no single element that has gone unexamined, and no component that is typical, expected, or easily created.