A refined reflection
  Beyond Iconic Vintage Tone

Our Limited Collection instruments produce tone that is pure and warm with enhanced stability, tuning, and intonation. Touch sensitivity and string energy transfer are increased while reducing unwanted friction to deliver increased harmonic complexity and clear, bell-like tone. These Instruments are lightweight and balanced without fret out or ghost notes.


Designed with an intentionally relaxed, pre-bent truss rod and 2-1/8 string spacing, along with step-drilled tuning and precision neck pocket geometry, the Limited Collection delivers effortless playability and a tight response.


Our unique vintage offset neck profiles allow the player to play a much larger neck than they would otherwise feel comfortable with.


The Limited Collection instruments have all of the magic that a select few great vintage instrument have without the unwanted issues those instruments were notorious for.


Designed for serious musicians, these instruments are enhanced with many innovations that are subtle and cleverly disguised to resemble a timeless classic, however many of these innovations are merely audible and cannot be seen with the naked eye.


The guitars have a very organic resonance in the neck and body, a visceral response, super playability and incredibly balanced tone. There are no dead spots or wolf tones anywhere on the neck.

The Instrument I have now is the best sounding and playing guitar that I’ve ever owned.

— David Torn, Guitar Player Magazine, February, 2012


Rare materials, Exquisite craftsmanship, Legendary Tone

Signature Collection guitars are created from rare materials and offer the legendary tone that D’Pergo is known for, with amazing resonance and transparent organic tone. Limited in production, there are fewer Signature collection instruments in existence than original vintage ’54’s.

I was so stunned by the deep, balanced, three dimensional tone of the Signature Limited. It immediately became my primary instrument.

— Julien Kasper


This collection is defined by ultra lightweight, rare, recovered materials combined with a truss rod less design. Meticulously handcrafted with a passion for detail, these instruments have tonal qualities more comparable with a grand piano or fine violin than an electric guitar. They feature handmade D'Pergo parts and components throughout and are easily distinguished by their refined contouring, warm, soft edges, and ultra smooth hand-shaped fretwork.



Our unique recipes for achieving legendary tone revolve around our materials that are harvested, dried and treated with our own proprietary procedures. Our handmade tone-centered components reveal textures and nuances usually only associated with fine acoustic instruments. These touch sensitive instruments are intended for the recording guitarist and those with ultra discerning ears who are serious about their sound. The Signature Collection instruments are created without limitation or compromise.



Bespoke creations


Made from our exclusive private stock of rare materials that we have harvested, these instruments are limited in production, even by D’Pergo standards.

Signed and numbered, each is part of a special limited collection. Anniversary models and Custom Signature artist models are all part of this collection.


D’Pergo guitars are, for what I seek in an instrument - beautiful tone with extreme string to string clarity and note definition, natural resonance, balance, playability, sculptural artistic aesthetic - beyond a shadow of a doubt, the finest electric guitars made.

— Julien Kasper